Thursday, February 4, 2016

Frugal Valentines Day Wreath

Good Morning dear readers, I have a lovely and easy wreath to share with you today.  It did not take long to put together.  Most of what you'll need can be found in your craft stash.  I like the wreath form to represent valentines day- the never ending circle long lasting love.  It took we awhile to figure out how I wanted to make this wreath.  I've had it since last summer.  I've been picking up odds and ends here and there to make this wreath.  The ribbons were on Christmas clearance at 99 cent store for 10 cents a piece.  The garland only cost a quarter.  I think the most I spent was on the adhesive hearts at Walmart for $3.  I wrapped the wreath in the ribbons and put small nails to hold it in and covered the nail with an adhesive jewel.  I  put the adhesive hearts leaving a ribbon space between each one and then wrapped the garland around the bare spots of ribbon and then tying the ends together.  Here's what you'll need to make your own valentines wreath

wreath form
red ribbon
adhesive jewels
valentines garland

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