Monday, April 6, 2015

Wal-Mart After Easter Candy Haul

Good morning dear readers,  I went to wal-mart and did a little after Easter Shopping.  After holidays are always good to get a stockpile of candy.  Easter candy can be used as party favors or kept in your freezer for later.  So check out your wal-mart for good deals. Here's what I got:

3-Bunny Patch Milk Chocolate Bunnies @ $.50 each
3-Peeps @ $.50 each
2-Bunny Munny @ $.50 each
2-Bright Eggs @ $.44 each
1 Pringles 
1 2 liter soda

Total $7.47   walmart does not break down savings but the candy from 50% off   about a $5 savings.

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