Friday, April 10, 2015

Manager Specials at Savemart

Good Morning dear readers, I got to do some shopping at Save mart.  I was intending on getting clearance meat today but could not find any available.  The sale paper did not have any good deals.  I was pleasantly surprised by the unadvertised deals on meat.  So I stocked up on chicken and pork.  I also got to use the new rewards card from save mart.  If you haven't joined yet its a good deal.  I made 134 points today.  I only spent $34.41, all I need is 300 points for a coupon for $3 off next purchase.  Here's what I got today.

FF Fryer Thighs--$2.94
FF Fryer Drumsticks--$3.36
FF Fryer Leg Quarters--$2.51
Pork Blade Steak--$4.78
Pork Blade Steak MP--$5.95
Pork Sirloin Roast--$4.96
Bagged Chopped Onions-$1.99
Sugar Substitute--$2.29
Soy Sauce--$2.49
Friskies Canned Cheesesaucations Cat Food--$.60

Total Before sale/coupon/discounts $39.56            After Sales O.O.P.  $34.41
                                                                Saved 13 %

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