Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pssst...........I have a secret

Good Afternoon dear readers, I have a confession to make I'm a binge watcher.  What's a binge watcher you ask?  Someone who watches consecutive shows either streaming or DVDs usually 2-5 episodes.  It is my guilty pleasure, especially since I don't have cable.  My family will make it a family time event and discuss the shows afterward.  Some of the shows I love to watch are: Grimm, Stargate, Bones and Sanctuary to name a few.  I will especially have to get the last season of Grimm because I can't stay awake.  Don't you just love technology.  Here's a list of some shows for binge watching.  What are your favourites?

1. Big Bang Theory
2. NCIS New Orleans
3. How To Get Away With Murder
4. Game Of Thrones
5.  Elementary

Okay everyone lets add to this list.

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