Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Canvass Collage-Just Pickin and Agrinnin

Good Evening dear readers,  I finally finished the Halloween Canvass Collage.  It had been lying on the table for quite sometime with just the yellow and the orange flames wasn't sure what to do with it.  Well I found images that were perfect.  First off, cut an image of a tree which I gesso'd over and then filled in the tree limbs with black paint markers.  The area around the tree I used orange oil pastels to continue the fire theme.  I found two banjo playing skeletons and that's where the title came in they reminded me of Hee Haw.  I painted purple iris acrylic paint around them.  My neighbor gave me a little ghost rubber stamp that says boo and filled it in using black paint marker and white oil pastel crayon.  Their is a rose stamp in black ink in the corners and a little orange pumpkin rubber stamp on one side.  I wrote the title in black paint marker.  I edge the canvass with black acrylic paint and its done.


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