Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Raley's Sale and Emergency Item for Frankie

Good Afternoon dear readers,  I had to make an emergency run to Raley's today and took advantage of sales going on now.  The emergency is Frankie has another really bad sinus infection which will probably turn out to be Asthma.  The vet put him on Goats Milk Yogurt.  This is supposed to help his tummy with all the antibiotics he's taking.   The sales I took advantage of  include buy 4 Kellogg's items get them for $1.99 each and various other items which include the following:

Buy 3 - 2 liter Dr Pepper get them for $1.29 each
2 Kellogg's Cereal
1 Rice Crispy Treats
1 Kellogg's box fruit snacks
2-Best Food Mayonnaise at $2 each which allowed me to use a coupon for $1 off fresh meat when you buy Unilever products (peelies found at wal-mart)
2 small sodas for conors help with shopping 
1 donut 
1-3 musketeers
3-goats milk yogurt a little pricey at $2.49 each
1-package of boneless pork  at $6.49 I'm not a big fan of their meat dept but the deal with the mayonnaise made up for it.

Total before coupons/sales/discounts  $55.70                   O.O.P    $36.59    Savings 34%

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