Thursday, June 12, 2014

CVS Shopping Trip- 2 Transactions Saved 96%

Good Morning dear readers,  I just cannot stop shopping at CVS that's where I find the best deals.  Taking a break from walking over there has helped my knee. So, I can walk over there now plus my neighbor has offered the use of her automated cart.  With teenagers my stockpile has been depleted so CVS is a must.
I did 2 transactions this week to get my free toiletries.

1st Transaction 

3-Twizzlers at $1.88 each
2-Hershey Kisses @ $5.99 each
1-Post Fruity Pebbles @ $2.49

total before sales/coupons $27.54     after coupons/sales   O.O.P  $20.11    Saved 27% and received $6 ecb's

CVS Brand Toilet Paper @ $2.50 
Friskies canned cat food  @ $.67
Xtra Spring Laundry Detergent @ $1.49
2-JTB Liquid Dish Soap @ $.88 each

Total Before sales/coupons/ecb's  $11.00                After sales/coupons/ecb's   O.O.P.  $.93    Saved 96%

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