Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Frankies Rant-Mother Abandoned Me

Good morning furbuds, I know this is supposed to be wordless Wednesday.  But I had to talk about the heinous crime committed against me by my family especially my mom.  She went to the human vet hospital and stayed all night.  Never a word to me that this could happen.  Yes, I know she has that nerve disease. I used to snooper vise her injections and when she went to the pills I had to sniff them to make sure they were just right.  9 O'clock comes around and I can't find mom.  Her bed is empty I walk around it repeatedly calling for her.  I'm cold and no one has heated up my blanket and my nose is acting up.  I want my steam pot.  Finally boy gets out of bed and gives me my steam pot and blanket but neglects to tell me where mom is at this moment.  She finally comes back the next day late in the day mind you.  She does assess the situation and promises the boys will do better.  Also Santa paws is gonna bring me an insulated heated bed.  I can't wait.  Zen Hugs and Purrs.

here's frankies christmas collection

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