Friday, September 25, 2015

Scaring Ourselves For Halloween

Good Morning dear readers, sorry for the short hiatus.  Frankie had issues that had to be taken care of and I will go into detail in one of his posts later.  Halloween is fast approaching and I know we all love a good scare.  The boys go to their annual party every year.  I take care of the door and get to have my pick of scary movies.  This year I found a doozie it made me jump out of my seat. It's called Dark was the night and can be found at red box. Here's a little bit of what it's about.  A logging operation destroys a forest area.  Strange shadows and mysterious footprints are found.  Animals and people start disappearing. The local sheriff must figure out how to defend his town against this unknown danger.  Thrill and chills and scares to make you jump out of your seat. So check it out but make sure the little ones are in bed.

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